Here we go

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! Here I’d like to share my thoughts on game design, development and my thoughts on various released games. And of course, writing about the games I make myself.

I’ve been making games as a hobby for several years, starting with Engine001 (now known as GG Maker) in 2008, learning the basics of game development by doing scripting and art, until I made the switch over to Unity in 2010, making the switch from 2D to 3D.

With my first post, I’d like to kick the whole thing off with my current project which currently has no name. We’ll get there, eventually. The game takes place on an island named Ceth, home of heat and sand. The main city, Querden, is plagued by drug usage and corruption. You as a player control a courier, living in Querden. The story is not finished yet, but I’ll write more posts about this in the future.

Here’s some screenshots:

The gameplay loop consists of exploring dungeons, fighting enemies, avoiding death by thirst and picking the locks of doors. Weapons can be enchanted with abilities like dazing and poison and killing your enemies by triggering traps. Planned features include vendors to buy new/upgrade weapons and armor, more varied architecture, perk system and probably lots more as time goes on.

That’s it for this introductory post. My plan is to write update entries once a week, preferably on Tuesdays, starting this week. Prepare for more in-depth articles about the various gameplay elements, code and the art. Cya