Temporal Turmoil

r0fnoskYou play as Cat, but he’s a dude. Cat has a cat named Dude. Dude is a cool cat and Cat is a cool dude. One day Cat was experimenting with temporal displacement, like everyone does on a tuesday night. By accident, Cat trapped himself in a temporal loop. Not only that he was also teleported to a facility created by a mentally unstable mastermind with a fetish for puzzles and speedrunning. As if that wasn’t enough, all his money got scattered throughout this facility and Cat needs all of it to pay for his bus fare home! Every so often Cat is “duplicated” (he’s not really duplicated, it’s still Cat, only an old version, a CopyCat; Temporal loops, blah blah blah…) based on a regular interval relative to the room he’s in, inside the facility. Now Cat wants to get back to Dude, and only you can help him!

Made over the course of a weekend as part of the GameMaker Game Jam, January 2017. Coded by Johnwo, art by both of us.

It became the winner of the jam, wooh!