Interfaces & Animations

For the past week most development time has been spent on fixing the animation renders from Blender and interface design with some map sketching in between. Oh, and full gamepad support! Let’s start with interfaces first.


Below is the first layout of the character creator screen, where the player can assign their stats as they see fit before starting the game. You don’t have to spend all your points if you want more of a challenge, but it’s usually a good idea to spend some of them at least.


Each statistic can be leveled between 0 and 10 but by using the right equipment, stats can be raised above 10.

Now onto the gameplay interfaces. Below is a GIF showing the four different screens; Inventory, Map, Quest Journal and Character Screen. Inventory is self explanatory, it’s a collection of all the items you are currently carrying. Clicking an item will either equip or use it. The Map is gradually unlocked as the game is played. Once you enter a new zone, the corresponding tile is added to the map. Hovering the mouse over a tile will give a brief description of the zone. If it’s a town, it will also show your current reputation with that town. In the Quest Journal, all your current quests are found, giving you a quick overview of what you should be doing. And last, the Character Screen. It shows your character stats and some gameplay stats(added after GIF was recorded). There’s still half the screen left to fill, with what I’m not sure of yet.



Rendering out frames from Blender proved to be a much bigger task than first anticipated. It feels quite good to be done with them for now, and focusing on creating more content for the game instead. I anticipated around two or three hours of work with just the human character and clothing layers, but it ended up taking much more than that.

I also added gamepad support to the game for those who play games using that. That’s all for this week, remember to check back next tuesday for more GIF’s and screenshots. Cya!

Mostly visual tweaks for the past week

For the past week, when not playing Black Desert Online(which is pretty damn awesome), I’ve mostly been doing various visual tweaks and not that much code. I like to change things up and do visual one week and code the next to not get completely exhausted at one thing and risking losing interest. This means that for next week, the main focus is code again. Now, let’s look through some of the changes made this week.

New Equipment Window

Last week I showed of the new item screen, which was the first preview. This week it’s almost finished, preview below.


When opening a chest, this window pops up, showing you your current item of the same type found in the chest. Since the player can only have one item equipped per slot and no inventory to store them in, it gives you the choice of either leaving the item or taking it with you. If you choose to take the new item, your previous one is destroyed without the possibility of getting it back. So it’s usually a good idea to not instantly take the new item, but look over the stat changes and enchants. On the task list for next week: Green text if the stat is better, and red if it’s worse. The item slots available are as follows:

  • Main Hand
    • Swords, axes, bow.
  • Shield
    • Use a shield to block damage, obviously. Can not be used with the bow.
  • Armor
    • Armor sets contain a chest piece, sometimes a helmet and new boots.
  • Lockpicks / Keys
    • Used for unlocking doors and chests.

Character texture changes


Character heads made more like arrows to better show what direction they’re facing.

Characters have also received some visual tweaks, most notably in their color schemes and their heads. Previously their heads were squares, but I changed their shape slightly by making the faces pointier instead to make it more clear which way they are facing and also making them seem a bit more “natural” by scaling joints to get some curvature and different shading over the models. These changes are most notable when a character enters ragdoll-mode with arms and legs flying all over. Fun stuff.


New clothing and color palettes. Also decided to remove the face textures and go with a clean look instead. More colors are in the works.

Doing animation tweaks and changing the base mesh lead to the attack animation getting screwed up, as well as the walking animation not looping properly. The running animation loops perfectly though. Weird. In the second screenshot you can also see that the player holds the sword out to the side, and trying to attack somehow inverts the animation. For some reason this has only affected the player and not other objects, despite them being the same mesh with a different texture applied to it. Aiming to have this fixed until next week.

Enterable buildings without loading

Previously if you were to enter a house, the game would load that house interior as a separate scene. I’ve been experimenting some with having the houses be actual objects in the overworld scene allowing you to enter them without any loading, just open/unlock the door and enter and the roof disappears. Preview gif below.houseRoof

Although the houses are cramped and small, this fits well with the overall design of Querden and the architectural style of the island. With most of the population being poor, having a bigger house is reserved for the elite. Not all houses are enterable, but those who are will be marked with various patterns that you should be able to recognize. Sometimes a house may be enterable, but the door is locked. If you have the key you can unlock the door, but if you don’t you should try to get your hands on some lockpicks to pick the lock.

That’s all for this week. Check back in 7 days for a new post about development.I’ll try to limit my hours with Black Desert and get some more work done this week. I might write a small review of the game if I find that I have the time for it, we’ll see.