Trailer, magic and beta soon

For the past two weeks I’ve spent a lot of time working on a variety of spells for the player to cast, both useful and not-so useful. As usual there’s also a lot of other additions near the bottom of this post.


The biggest thing of this weeks post is the new trailer I made and published earlier this week. It doesn’t represent all the things you can do in the game, but it should give a decent idea of what’s going on. I hope you like it. I am planning to make more videos in the time ahead, hopefully with better editing.

More magic

I’ve added 8 new spells that you can cast, some of which are more useful than others. Below are some highlights:

  • Blink – instantly teleport a small distance in whatever direction you’re facing.
  • Bend Time – Slows down time 50%, but still allowing you to move at the same speed. Attacking cancels the effect.
  • Sense Living – Adds a glow around living characters, such as people or animals
  • Candlelight – Spawns a glowing light orb above your head that lights up around you for around a minute.

There should be a video demonstrating the magic in not too long.

Public beta in TWO weeks!

Tales has been in development for a while now, and it’s almost time to enter beta! The beta is planned to start on June 9 over at During this time the game will be available for free, with optional purchase for those who want to support further development.

Once the beta is ready I will make another blog post annoucing it, including a download link and some instructions on how to report bugs/errors/glitches/feature requests(within reason). I’m very excited to have strangers play it and not just friends and get some feedback on what is currently in the game. No time frame has been set for how long the beta will last.

Other changes/additions

  • Started work on replacing the current dialogue boxes with new ones. The new system features such things as
    • Animated portraits.
      • Facial animations for mouth based on dialogue length
      • Facial expressions
    • Camera panning to the speaking character
    • Choice timer (random choice if time runs out (Not used everywhere, don’t worry))
    • Name of the speaking character at the top of the box instead of being in the dialogue text

mouthMoveNew dialogue screen preview. Please excuse the prototype art.

Skjermbilde 2017-05-25 13.37.25.png

Old dialogue box

This is a consideriable amount of work, as each dialogue box has to be manually replaced. I have no estimate for how long it will take to update them all, but the current goal is to have most of it done by the time of beta.

  • Finally done with replacing trees
  • Finally got save/load game to work properly in general and fixed issues with party members not spawning properly.
  • Shop owners will now throw out the player if they are inside their shop at closing hours.
  • Added space telescope for exploration of constellations and the Astya night sky.
  • Added more camp sites and roads throughout the overworld maps
  • Populated the swamp area with enemies

That’s it for the past two weeks, hope you enjoyed. Next post will mostly be dealing with the beta and some instructions related to reporting bugs and all that. So long!

NPC chatter & dungeons

Over the past week I managed to get Unity working properly again, which means I’m back to developing more or less daily. Most of the past week has been spent on finishing the various areas of the map and planning what to put in them and design of dungeons. They’re coming along slow but steady.

NPC Chatter

I also made a small system that lets the NPC’s say random stuff from a predefined list. I posted a link to a GIF of it in action to Twitter, but in case you missed it, here it is again:


It simply instantiates a UI Text element in a world space canvas and positions it over the agent, removing it from memory after five seconds. Every NPC will have custom dialogue/comments specific for them, each with a unique personality. You might even be able to get some hints for treasure or quests by listening to what people have to say. There are a lot of possibilities with this to create some fun situations, and new lines can easily be added during gameplay, making it possible to have the world react to your actions throughout. But that might be a bit of a overkill, I’m just one guy working on this after all.


When it comes to dungeons I have mapped out a few on paper, but I still have to create a variety of “tile sets” that can be snapped together in Unity to create the dungeons and caves and whatnot.  I have yet to decide a total number of dungeons, but I want all of them to follow the same philosophy of the overworld; clearly defined style to make it easy to recognize what type of dungeon you are in, but also keeping that sharp low-poly style. Another important thing that is going to take up some time is the dungeon flow design. Not only do they have to look unique, they have to feel unique as well. Different enemies, unique loot, traps, events, some backstory and hidden rooms. The checklist for each dungeon is long, but as soon as I have made a few sets of modular objects the development should be sped up considerably.

That’s all for this week, make sure to come back next tuesday for a new post with more development news of the game.