NPC chatter & dungeons

Over the past week I managed to get Unity working properly again, which means I’m back to developing more or less daily. Most of the past week has been spent on finishing the various areas of the map and planning what to put in them and design of dungeons. They’re coming along slow but steady.

NPC Chatter

I also made a small system that lets the NPC’s say random stuff from a predefined list. I posted a link to a GIF of it in action to Twitter, but in case you missed it, here it is again:


It simply instantiates a UI Text element in a world space canvas and positions it over the agent, removing it from memory after five seconds. Every NPC will have custom dialogue/comments specific for them, each with a unique personality. You might even be able to get some hints for treasure or quests by listening to what people have to say. There are a lot of possibilities with this to create some fun situations, and new lines can easily be added during gameplay, making it possible to have the world react to your actions throughout. But that might be a bit of a overkill, I’m just one guy working on this after all.


When it comes to dungeons I have mapped out a few on paper, but I still have to create a variety of “tile sets” that can be snapped together in Unity to create the dungeons and caves and whatnot.  I have yet to decide a total number of dungeons, but I want all of them to follow the same philosophy of the overworld; clearly defined style to make it easy to recognize what type of dungeon you are in, but also keeping that sharp low-poly style. Another important thing that is going to take up some time is the dungeon flow design. Not only do they have to look unique, they have to feel unique as well. Different enemies, unique loot, traps, events, some backstory and hidden rooms. The checklist for each dungeon is long, but as soon as I have made a few sets of modular objects the development should be sped up considerably.

That’s all for this week, make sure to come back next tuesday for a new post with more development news of the game.