NPC Mailing and Player Housing

It’s been a while since the last post, primarily because of vacations and me taking a small break from gamedev to avoid going insane. But now the break is over, and development is continuing once again. Some interesting new stuff this week, so keep on reading!

Mail system

The biggest new feature is the mail system. This allows NPC’s to send the player mail in game, which may contain gold, items or both. Or none at all, as it could also be spam or advertisements(not real ones, obviously). Your mail can be checked in any mailbox throughout the game, either at that regions Post Office, or at your house if it has a mailbox outside. Some of the letters can be worth following up, even if they look a bit shady. You never know what you might find.


Small GIF showing off the interface and how it works.

Letters can also be configured to take several days to arrive, or on the same day they’re sent, as well as being randomly generated from time to time. This randomization mostly applies to spam being sent to the player, but others can be as well.

Player Housing improvements

Since very early in the project, the player has been able to purchase property where they get access to a bed for sleeping, which provides some extra bonuses when waking up. That was as far as the housing system went, and it felt kinda underwhelming. You own the property after all, why wouldn’t you be able to change it more to your liking? Well, now that’s possible. Each of the houses purchased has one or two “slots” where you can put a furniture of your choice to provide services and/or buffs to your abilities. If your character is an alchemist, place down a alchemist table. Or maybe you favor cooking delicious food? Place a oven instead. There’s not a huge variety of furniture just yet, but it’s easily added. Furniture can be purchased at various furniture stores throughout, the first one being in Stonehaven.

Other changes/additions

  • Started work on ships sailing around the world, landing at docks and offering the player rides for a sum of gold.
  • Added uniforms/outfits allowing the player to dress up as servants etc to sneak in to locations they’re not supposed to be.
  • Added various furniture items for placing in player houses
  • Cleaned up various maps and dungeons.

Not much to write this week, sadly. But it’s better than nothing at least! See you again soon, I’m hoping to have more by then.

Lots of progress & public demo (soon)

For the past three weeks I’ve been working hard on Tales of Astya, adding several new features and tons of new art assets. Here are some of the new things added;

  • Lock picking
  • Simple crime system
    • Player bounty
    • Jail
    • Bribing
  • Improved animations
  • More audio sources
  • Particle animations
  • More quests
  • More interactive environments
    • Some interactions are skill based
  • Movement changes based on alcohol level
  • Lantern and other equippable light sources
  • 10 new sub-maps (Caves, dungeons etc)

New Action Icons (click to enlarge)

Since it has been a while since the last post, there are also some new screenshots available! Click to enlarge.

Public Demo (soon) & Testing

I’m aiming to release a playable alpha on July 8. After this alpha is released, the plan is to continue development and finish the game before releasing the complete version. If you want to join the testing program, send me a DM @Partysofa.

Thanks for reading, have a good day.

Engine 001

It’s been a while since the last post. The reason is my switch over to Engine001 and working on some projects there. It has taken up so much of my time, getting back into the saddle with where I started was more fun than I imagined! I even came up with a working title; Tales of Astya. It’ll probably change, but for now it shall stay.

What I’ve been working on is a small 2D action RPG, standard for the engine. I’ve put a lot of work into the concept of “open ended quests”, meaning quests can end in several ways. So far it has gone well and the plans have been expanded. The game consists of 36 map screens, laid out in a 6×6 grid. The player is free to move between these whenever he wants, but some areas are targeted more towards higher level characters. The environments are also highly interactive, with bookshelves to read from and containers to search for loot. I’ve developed some lore and feel of the world, more on that in future posts. Don’t want to spill the beans all at once after all.


Checking out some books

As of yet there isn’t really any main story. The main point of the game is players making their own stories by doing the quests in the way they see fit, being either good or evil. Or something in between.

As per usual I’m trying new methods of creating art, and this time I decided to try out rendering a 3D model to 2D frames for the animations of the game characters. The setup looks like this, with 8 cameras that render out the different angles.blenderRender

After rendering a direction, I import the frames to 001 and start slicing up the different body parts to fit the layered clothing system. After some tweaking, I ended up with this:walk

I’m planning to release a small test version in about a month, I just have to finish up some of the initial quests you find and the level designs and we should be good to roll. Gonna be nice to actually release something for once.

That’s all for this week, cya next tuesday.